This website is 100% designs and ideas by Khalil A. Hill of Matteson, Illinois. While Binary code, Nanotechnology Nuclear chemistry , Aviation technology took tens of millions of scientists...this portfolio website represents the ideas of the one man Product Idea inventor RRT Khalil Hill, me, who embraced employment in health care at 35 years of age fresh from an accredited City Colleges of Chicago Respiratory Care program and socially naive about  carnivores/vegan  co-existence I started my career at a University hospital.  Replete with idiosynchratic buoyancy to excel at the opportunity I turned  nightshift fervor into fifteen  floor treatment months vying  to secure a new employment.  In  an unfamiliar city without a missed sick day, no vacation time while diligently amassing vacations at forty percent  overtime, at my first respiratory Job I was threatened with voided unused accrued  Holiday Time redeeming.  Retorting with adventurism,  I embarked on a  19  day special journey overseas that involved visiting Emirates, India, Ethiopia and the enchanting turf of 5000 year old  Egypt. With 13000 nebulizer treatments, dozens of onclological unit sputum inductions and countless Q4 BIPAP checks ahead of me I marveled at how sequential nightshifts would open the Nile River sky so I could embrace the lore of Osiris in the "Book, of the Dead."


Egypt's bountiful discoveries was  my Dad's dearest topic of discussion and he blessed me in his passing with his own collection  of Ancient Egypt texts  historically referenced by UK historian E. A Wallis Budge and Wilkinson,  the German Karl Lepsius, the Greek Herodotus  and western African  writers Jacob Carruthers and Ivan von Sertima.   Nile river Scientific Contributions  highlighted were  Imenhotep's stethoscope, Ethiopian mathamatician  Aahmes  lived in Pharoah Ankhanten 's sun temple metropolis of Amarna  in  1700 BC wrote The Fourth Dimension citedby  Henry Carrington Bolton as the world's first Trignometry and Algebra author. Providing pharmoclogy of Henbane and Brassicas, gynecological procedures,  Astronony at the Temple of Philae, and strategic equatorial positioning  at tri-Pyrimdal Complex, Penicillin and trachetomies, and again Imhotep's weighted scale of Ideal body Weight precision and bestowing the Greeks with advanced methods of wine and beer-making. Sadly, this is fraction of retained data as Roman armies destroyed 650,000 papyrus scrolls  in 48 BC Alexandrian Library   carried out in Brash undermining of e 332 BC victory of  eponymous  conqueror Alexander the Great who died of malaria in 323 BC making their short lived military civilization of  300 years  a collosal  less than 10%  of the 35 century Qemet  marathon. Fascinatingly, 1/3 of the planet earth's utilized medicinal plants were found in the Eber's, Hearst's and Smith's Papyrus by the Ancient Egyptians.

Inspiration for a new medical device came from innercity  city asthma   in disproportional distribution at 40 percent of youth in Chicago and the larger financial struggle's 30 billion dollar budget seen with my own eyes  while adminstering MDIs, peaks flows and Chest Physiotherapy. Enclosed is general visual portfolio of a new nebulizer cataloging my vision in stages of design. In hopes of provisional acquisition of a full utility patent for the effective multi-medication dilution and visual flow indication along with other unmentioned results ( sympathomimetic multi-consequentiality, catatonic pt stimuli and pediatric depression for CF) with use on OSHA safe equipment and FDA approved equipment submitted USPTO my design first. More research needed in unexplored modalities like Hypnosis Nebulization/Hypnosis Bronchoprovocation could facilitate improvement in compliance and phlegm induction collection. Furthermore, Drug Overdose resuscitation and sub-buccal-rotation phobia as stimuli for term Huntington Disease or a Patient getting low Glasgow numbers can determine poly-front relevance. Our coming optional Hypnosis component is an insertable "Hypnosis plate" for naturopath alternative smoking cessation wedged between the Pyribulb Mouthpiece and Drag Enhancers emblazoned with medical hypnosis template at adjustable rpm(2016). Compliance for teens with extended hospitals stays with incurable diseases getting Bronchodilator treatments can enjoy this as medical device "mood" modifier for respite stimuli other than binary code television. Really the milli-manifold list of uses will grow with research in visionary substantialness under the myriad observations of medicine's best minds. FDA offers a CLASS 1 registration for non ventilator nebulization. Here the inherent design, is mandela-esque, angelic, mesmerizing departure from the standard CUP NEB.

 In macromodeling a 6 foot Bulb manometer design  shape with identical features to the future Pyribulb,I added little neodynmium  magnets to the 16 bamboo rods (later called Drag Enhancers) then attempted  to rotate the sculpture. THis test informed the epiphany of milli-converting the 5 foot design to a handheld 4 inches tall.   Joining The 3d print revolution, I enrolled in free classes at the Harold Washington library and learned of the technology needed to visualize a prototype. A digital drafter, Ray, with calipers worked with me to convert my model in exact form to giant model. Using a Dell account I bought the same Makerbot Replicator II machine I had practiced on at the Library and made numerous prints in my apartment before a filing  a  patent with a Chicago law firm. A year later we began testing RPM, LPM, ML in Cup, Nebulization, dimensionally appropriate versions and even multi-material equipment of Metal Turbine renting a California laborator. Now the Pyribulb, a disposable centrifuge Nebulizer under going refinement via mold process that rotates at high speeds and can be tossed after testing a variety of medications Antifungals, Anti-Cholinergics, Bronchodilators and new pharm categories will advance our own nebulized Hydrosol research and assist other researchers in varying Bio-fields. The innovative practicality of utilizing the 02/air Flowmeters in house at rates of 250 rpm and higher will save time and prevent unnecessary wastage on disposable motors or disinfectable motors.


Designing then redesigning then redesigning the Pyribulb on a body long model gave huge pleasure. After having given thousands of Nebulizer treatments myself at the University of Chicago Medical Center, a top ten US medical school hospital, this Nebulizer design patent I submitted to the USPTO on May 13th, 2014 with Power of attorney to Caliber IP law firm of Illinois. Of the patent figures only clarity of orifice via surfacing shading was requested. In the following months I envisioned a fleet of Compliance Dual Flow products including a Syringe Mixer, Octagon Crumbless Table, Body Brush and Phlegm Scale which are coming. Pyribulb's lasted version contains a divided Mirror-mid showcasing Upper and Lower Pyramid functioning as an observable receiver of liquid pharmacological offerings. Dilated pedestal, turbine and mask adaptor assured better options for aerosol deposition and med output. Our final manufactured Pyribulb aims for gloriously stimulating transparency of a clear Pedestal exhibiting our turbine revolutions.

Today Compliance Dual Flow, in hopes of embarking on a global medical exhibition tour, will exchange ideas, inspire research, and enhance medical treatment of those with pulmonary pathology sufferers and advance feng shui in the realm of aesthetics, health care and innovation.

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